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Rejuvenating Sleep

Do you have trouble getting to sleep?

We keep hearing from people that lack of rest is one of life’s major disruptions. So, we decided to create a guided meditation that can give sleep assistance to others.

The video process incorporates simple techniques to relax the body and mind. In addition, you’ll bring your waking hours to a close with appreciation for your life and the events of the day while releasing any racing thoughts.

You may close your eyes at any time during this guided meditation and just listen to the audio.

When you finish the video and get into bed, you may continue to use the technique in which you imagine writing down your thoughts and setting them into the river. Or, you may just follow your breathing in and out as you drift off to sleep.

Please remove all distractions from the area where you watch this video to experience the full benefit.

There is also an audio-only version of this video on the Creative Mentor page of our website.

Sweet dreams :)

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New Water Film — Stebbins Gulch

Recently, we got a private tour of a tranquil little spot in Northeast Ohio. “Stebbins Gulch” is part of Holden Arboretum.

This newest Water Film provides you with an experience of this amazingly peaceful slice of nature.

If you enjoy the soundtrack for this film you can download it here.

Press play and enjoy!

You can also watch it on YouTube in HD.

Our Water Films DVD, with over 2.5 hours of content, is also available on Amazon.

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CD Release - Pianoflow!

Candice and I are very pleased to release our newest CD today!


As you probably know, much of our creativity comes from experiences in the great outdoors.

This unique album takes the listener on a journey through nature that features the piano. This compilation includes music by Slawson, Lee, Debussy, Rachmaninoff and Liszt. Stylistically diverse, this musical journey includes classical, jazz, electronic and meditation genres. Watch the promotional video below to sample the new CD

You can also watch it on YouTube.

For those of you in Cleveland, the physical CD is already available at Whole Foods in University Heights. If you wish to download the full album or individual tracks from anywhere right now, go to iTunes or Amazon or CDBaby! You can also buy the physical CD from anywhere at CDBaby.

More locations coming soon. Enjoy!

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Time to innovate?

We’re all busy.

Everyone knows how to say, “I don’t have time.”

Almost everyone feels like they have more to do than they can reasonably “get done” in one hour, one day or one week. So where does that leave us when it comes to creativity, developing new skills, coming up with new business strategies or even relaxation? Most often, these “important,” but not critical actions are shelved as we react to everything else that comes our way.

What to do?

This may not be the first time you’ve heard something like this, but it never hurts to hear it again…

Try setting aside 20 minutes of one day each week for the next 6 weeks. During this time, turn off your cellphone or other electronic devices and find a quiet place to sit with a pen and paper (preferably a notebook that will continue to be used for this activity). On that piece of paper, write “important to me” at the top.

Then write down 1 or 2 things that are important to you. That’s right, just 1 or 2 items, not 25. These items could be quality time with someone you care about, new ideas for your business, getting in shape, practicing piano (I had to throw that one in there :) ) or taking time to relax.

Next, write “why these are important to me,” and then write down the reasons for their importance in your life.

Third, write “steps to implement this week” in order to achieve these important objectives. You could then write something you intend to do each day with the idea that you will look at this notebook or piece of paper at the beginning of every day. That’s right, if you look at it first thing in the morning, your likelihood of following through is greatly increased.

Finally, write down “why this matters” to you. This portion of your writing could be about a larger goal such as, “I now have a formula that works for me to accomplish goals,” or “I value time to think about new ways to improve my business,” or anything else that comes to mind.

let’s frame this example by picturing that the person who is writing this is someone who has performed recitals in the past and has been overcome with debilitating performance anxiety

• “important to me:” feeling well prepared for my piano recital on May 21, 2011

• “why this is important to me:” because I want to feel comfortable enough with the music that I can express myself and inspire the audience

• “steps to implement this week:” memorize 4 measures every day this week so that I’ve memorized one of the four pages by the end of the week

• “why this matters:” if I memorize the entire piece one month before I perform the recital (by April 21), I will have time to nurture the piece, have fun with it and inspire others in the audience who are nervous about performing.

There is almost never time to do what I have described above unless you make a decision today to give yourself this 6 week gift. You’ll probably decide to continue with this activity when you experience your exciting new results! Please share this idea with anyone who you think might benefit from this information.

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New Water Film — Bow Valley Winter

We just got back from a beautiful wintertime visit to the Canadian Rockies. The stunning natural beauty of that landscape is awe-inspiring in every season.

Check out this Water Film which was shot in the Bow Valley near Banff National Park. The solitude and beauty of the Bow River can give you peace whenever you desire.

The soundtrack for this film is called “Cold Valley,” which can be downloaded here.

Press play and enjoy!

You can also watch it on YouTube.

We’re just weeks away from the release of our Water Films DVD, so people can take these inspiring natural journeys wherever they like and watch the videos in full HD.

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Bow River in Winter

Right behind the place where we stay near Canmore, Alberta is a trail that leads to the Bow River. At any time of year this wonderful walk inspires a sense of awe and peace.

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New Water Film — Central Park

You may be thinking, a Water Film from New York City?

You bet. Because Central Park is an oasis of calm in the middle of fast paced urban living. As you watch, it might be hard to imagine that there were thousands of people just outside of the camera’s eye. Many city dwellers were enjoying the day in nature.

We’ve been pondering this spot ever since our visit because it’s amazing that this rectangular slice of nature seems to bring an entire urban metropolis into balance.

If you desire a ten minute break today, sink into your chair and become transformed by the beauty of Central Park.

The soundtrack for this film is called “November Day,” a piano solo inspired by that warm autumn afternoon. You can download it here.

Press play to refresh your mind and body.

You can also watch it on YouTube.

Also, the video link is appearing on a site of our new friends at They are always kind enough to share Water Films with their community. This cool site features a blog, photos, music, links and a community of people who are dedicated to “getting in touch with the true Hawaiian spirit.” Check them out!

In early 2011, we will be releasing a DVD of these Water Films so people can take them wherever they like and watch the videos in full HD.

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Central Park Oasis

We visited New York City last weekend and had a fantastic experience! Even though our trip consisted of a lot of city activities, we are always on the lookout for nature.

We discovered a new “suspended park” in Chelsea, called the High Line. This elevated park has gardens, artwork and a “theater” above the street that allows you to view 10th Avenue as a moving picture.

Along the Hudson River, is the Hudson River Park. The park is a popular spot for joggers, cyclists and city dwellers who wish to hang out by the water.

But, the crown jewel of green spaces in the city is none other than Central Park, a wonderful oasis in the middle of urban intensity. The park obviously plays a role in keeping its surroundings in balance. Here are some images from the warm November afternoon in the park:

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New Audio - Ledges

Recent visits to Whipps Ledges in Hinckley, Ohio and Virginia Kendall Ledges in Peninsula played a role in inspiring this brand new world/jazz piece.

Just pause the background music (or wait for the sample to end), then press play below and enjoy some photos from both places.

You can download the MP3 by clicking here

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New Water Film — St. Mary Falls

One of the places we visited on our national parks RV trip was Glacier National Park. Out of all the trails available to us from the Going to the Sun Road, we randomly chose the St. Mary waterfall hike. We were treated to 3 hours of incredible colors, delicate forest streams, unique waterfalls that varied in intensity and bobbing birds.

This Water Film features the signature waterfall of that hike — St. Mary Falls.

The idea behind Water Films is to give people an opportunity to take a break in their day to relax and become inspired by nature. One of the most effective ways to sustain focus during a work day or when working on a project is to take occasional breaks which allow you to refresh your mental energy. As musicians, we find that taking breaks is the key to consistency and creative inspiration in our craft.

One of the tools we use when teaching people how to improvise on the piano is to have them “solo” for a prescribed amount of time (maybe one or two measures of music) and then take a planned “rest” for that same period of time. During the rest, new ideas are allowed to arise within the creative imagination. The same idea applies to almost any task that requires sustained concentration.

These short films are also great to watch right before going to bed as they relax your mind and body.

We will soon be releasing a DVD of these Water Films so people can take them wherever they like and watch in full HD.

The soundtrack of this film is called “Hiking St. Mary,” a brand new ambient electronica tune that can be downloaded at here.

Press play and refresh yourself creatively.

You can also watch it on YouTube:

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