Studio Blog (October 15, 2009)

High Lake – New Water Film

Here’s another new relaxing Water Film to share with you called, “High Lake.” There is this stunning lake, nestled in the Canadian Rockies of Alberta, high above the infamous Lake Louise. It is named Lake Agnes. The spot is so peaceful and magical that one is instantly transformed in its presence. There is a lovely tea house that overlooks the lake which sits at around 6,500 feet. The aerobic 75 minute uphill hike is quickly forgotten when you rest on the shore of this pristine lake.

We recommend turning on your external computer speakers or putting on some nice headphones to get the full effect of the deep, resonant tones mixed with the natural sounds.

You can watch this new movie here:

Watch it in HD on the full screen on Youtube!

Or you can go to our Water Films website.

If you like the brand new relaxation music, “High Lake,” you can download it here.


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