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November Day (8:34)

Greg Slawson and Candice Lee

Welcome To GC Creative Studio

Greg Slawson and Candice Lee are GC Creative Studio, dedicated to inspiring you to walk your creative path. They produce music, video and educational products which are designed to help you relax, find peace and form positive, creative habits.



GCMusic GC Music. A wide variety of music from jazz infused with world groove to ambient electronica and relaxation music.
Waterflow Waterflow. This collection features music fused with gentle waves, raindrops in a summer thunderstorm, and a flowing waterfall.
Waterflow II Waterflow II. This collection of original relaxing music blends recordings of water with ambient sounds. Ideal for relaxation, meditation, massage or a yoga routine.
Pianoflow Pianoflow. This collection features piano music inspired by nature. Take a listen to the samples below to get a feel for this unique collection.
Multimedia Services Multimedia Services. If you need customized videos with original music, we can do all stages of the production process, including shooting the video, editing and recording music that is tailored to each project.

Now Featured: Pianoflow

We are pleased to announce the release of Pianoflow: an album of piano music inspired by nature. This compilation features music by Slawson, Lee, Debussy, Rachmaninoff and Liszt. Stylistically diverse, this musical journey includes classical, jazz, electronic and meditation genres. Take a listen to the samples below to get a feel for this unique collection.

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GC Adventure Series GC Adventure Series. "Play outside, try something new." This group of videos documents our exciting new adventures.
GC Creativity Series GC Creativity Series. This series features the life and work of creative people whom we encounter.
GC Creativity Series GC Meditation Series.Try watching these videos to experience calm focus and creativity.
GC Multimedia Portfolio GC Multimedia Portfolio. Enter here to view samples of the multimedia work that we've done for clients...
GCMusic Water Films. Water Films help you experience peace while being inspired by nature.

Inspirational Quotes

If you wish to experience peace,
provide peace for another.

— Dalai Lama